Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Thanksgiving Holiday Family pics

Happy Holidays everyone,

I just thought I would share some pics of my family over this Thanksgiving holiday.It gets really crazy and funny around here! Its not many pictures but I thought I would share (not all of the kiddies pictured)!

My WH (wonderful hubby, trying to be funny with the plastic cap)
Our daughter Markesha (not wanting her pic taken)
Our son Johnathan (showing the killer smile)

Our daughters, Alexis and Ce Ce (Alexis is the older daughter)
Our daughter Dominique (she woke up this morning and had us laughing)
Dominique and CeCe (they are like two peas in pod-unseparable)
Our daughter Brittany (enjoying a meal, I hope she liked)
Our daughter Brianna (posing in her natural hairstyle, work it girl)

How was your holiday? Wonderful I pray! Well back to the family I go!

Much love!

The Real Housewife of Arkansas

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