Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Blogging means to me!!

I think I have written about this before many times before but not in an actual blog (for school, previous work projects, etc..). Blogging for me is a means of enjoyment. What I mean by enjoyment is that it has become a way for me to share myself with family and friends on a truly personal level all at one time. I feel that it is like a phone call that spans way past "three-way calling". It is a way for me to meet new family and friends also.  It goes past the preliminary, "Hi my name is" introductions and gets to what people are really connected to. They may comment on various posts that interest them or they may share something that is really important  that will help me to live a more productive and happy life. Blogging allows you to be able to shed the mask of what you feel others may want to hear and you are just able to share what you feel. In return, you find that there are others out there who actually feel the same way you do. I have received so much from others that blog, and with that, it means there is no lack for being able to be your absolute best. if  you want to achieve ANYTHING, you can! Others have done it. and look, you can read all about how they have reached success. I feel that I owe others the opportunity to know things that I have learned as well form others. It is sort of a "pass-it-on" of sorts, or a "thank you" to those who have started blogs before me. True success for me is to be able to say and show that I am living a truly, happy, and abundant life and its not due to money (though I do thank God for the blessing of our income) but it is due to the love of my family, friends, and myself. Spreading that, especially during what is going on with the affairs of the nation, is the most important thing that can be done.

In 2010 there is a conference called "Blissdom" (what a great name to describe what blogs are supposed to provide). I feel that attending this event will be able to help me to enhance the purpose of my blog, which is to give back what others have given me. Right now an awesome company called "Steaz" (please check them out and friend them), that sells wonderful organic beverages (I heart Steaz),  they are having a pass giveaway for a the "Blissdom conference. I pray I win because it would be an incredible blessing for me right now.

 I know that there are many things that I have yet to learn and that the Blissdom conference is just the vessel to help me to unleash the gift that has been instilled in me. Sharing is one of the greatest and most powerful resources that we hold. My goal is to be able to help others, leave this legacy of sharing with my children, and set the example that life is what you make it.  I thank those who are doing the same and wish everyone continued success.

Been a while? I know....Life happens BUT the blogging must go on....

Hey family, I know that is has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have ad a few things happen in my personal life since I have been away. I just wanted to encourage those of you this Holiday season that there is a reason for everything that happens (we may not know why at the moment that things happen but there is a reason).  I wish you all the most incredible Christmas this year. I am in transition mode right now (working on ME)!  So bear with me as I share with you some new things as I learn them. One thing that I really want to attend in the coming year is a conference called "Blissdom". Here is a little snippet of what the conference is about:

"Blissdom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online.  Blissdom ‘10, our third conference, is a welcoming oasis in the ever-changing blogging world. Speakers and panels featuring the best bloggingpublic relations and social media pros will be gathering to mentor new and old friends alike."

Doesn't that sound awesome! I am in the process of planning to attend.Let's see what happens. I will keep you updated. 

So, I am back everyone. Let's enjoy this life that God has given us. Much love to you family! Much love!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Count Down Bake off Day 2! Butter Cookies!!

Today was a day for relaxation but not before making a fantastic dinner and COOKIES!  Today we tried out Butter cookies. I was looking for my sisters "School Cookie" recipe but couldn't find it (I will wait until she contacts me with it and share with you). But until then, I want to let you know that there is true joy in the simple things in life. I nice simple butter cookie brought joy to my family today. I even had some of my girls helping me with these. These are also a keeper for sure. Here is the butter cookie recipe that I found online.  Let me know if you try these. You wont be disappointed at all!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Count Down Bake Off Day 1- Chocolate Crinkles!

I am ready to get this Bake off started! So much so that I started last night making the batter for these awesome cookies that I am about to blog about today. There are so many different deserts and recipes out there, I didn't know where to begin. I stumbled across Hoosier Homemade's site and was amazed that she was doing something similar, a christmas cookie countdown. I saw a recipe for chocolate crinkles and I knew that was going to be my first recipe to try. Thanks Hoosier Homemade! The Chocolate Crinkles are a hit! They were surprisingly very easy to make. I enjoyed how quick it was to make them as well. I have them sitting on my counter right now (though I really need a cookie jar for this event) cooling. My three year old is standing close by to make sure no one touches them before time. She will be the bake off police for this years challenge, I see. LOL! Take a look at the pictures and enjoy the recipe. Let me know what you think. I will get more detailed as the days go along but I am just so happy to be doing this bake off. Well, let me get back in the kitchen to get started on day 2!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Countdown Bake off project!

I thought long and hard about this one before posting. I really want to do something really wonderful for my family that they will enjoy. I know they love to eat SO what better way than to show them so love than to do a bake off? Now just a bake off but from now (really starting tomorrow) until New Year's day I will be making various items. I will be blogging about this as well. I am thinking of lots of cookies, cakes, and pies. I will also post the recipe's as well as plenty of pictures. Now, you may have to pick me up off of the floor once I am done. LOL!!

I am thinking of making a cookie tomorrow called "Chocolate Crinkles" from Hoosier Homemade. Check them out!

Many Blessings to you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Buy One Get One Dozen Eggs Coupon is Back tomorrow!! Make sure you get yours early!

Yes, Yes, and Yes!! This is a good deal family!! I have never participated in this coupon but I will make sure to do so tomorrow.
Tomorrow 12/2 starting at 9 AM CST, America’s Egg Farmers will be offering again a coupon for free dozen eggs when you buy another one. You will need to take a pledge to eat more healthfully to have access to the coupon. This coupon will only be available to the first 10K people to take the pledge. Please note that the last time this offer was available the limit was reached very very fast and the limit was 20K people. So, you really want to ready to grab this one at 9AM CST tomorrow 12/2 if you would like to get one. Let me know if you got yours!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Swagbucks Holiday Gift card BLOWOUT!!!!

Great Deal Family!!!

Every day between Black Friday and New Years, Swagbucks is bringing you one gift card from their gift and rewards cards at an even greater value. Check it out. Its not too late to join!


Happy Monday everyone!! Did you survive Thanksgiving? I sure did with a little exhaustion to boot but I am not going to let that stop me from getting through this Holiday season. I promised myself that this was going to be one of my best holiday seasons ever (I think I say that every year-LOL). Well, I will always try to top what I did the year before. So look out for some great posts from me these next few weeks. Until then, here is my menu plan for this week. My second week posting this. Man do I feel empowered when I create and execute this. No, I havent gone all "300" on you but just this little area of my life feels so in control. I love it! If you are trying this out let me know, I would love to hear from you. If you are unsure of where to begin with this, check out the organizing Junkie's site for all the details (she is awesome as well). Here's whats on the families menu this week:


Monday - Jody's Chicken and Noodles (substitute turkey for chicken)

Saturday- (Home-Made Pizza)

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Thanksgiving Holiday Family pics

Happy Holidays everyone,

I just thought I would share some pics of my family over this Thanksgiving holiday.It gets really crazy and funny around here! Its not many pictures but I thought I would share (not all of the kiddies pictured)!

My WH (wonderful hubby, trying to be funny with the plastic cap)
Our daughter Markesha (not wanting her pic taken)
Our son Johnathan (showing the killer smile)

Our daughters, Alexis and Ce Ce (Alexis is the older daughter)
Our daughter Dominique (she woke up this morning and had us laughing)
Dominique and CeCe (they are like two peas in pod-unseparable)
Our daughter Brittany (enjoying a meal, I hope she liked)
Our daughter Brianna (posing in her natural hairstyle, work it girl)

How was your holiday? Wonderful I pray! Well back to the family I go!

Much love!

The Real Housewife of Arkansas