Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Setting things in motion

I am glad that it is the new year and all BUT I am not making resolutions. I have decided to throw them out the window and focus instead on goals. Resolutions tend to go by the way side after a while and hey, if you dont keep them there is always next year right? Not this time, not for this gal. No way! I am going to set goals for myself and will talk about them from time to time here as well. No time like the present though to put them out there so here goes nothing:

My Goals 4 the year (2010)

More time in Prayer and God's word
Spend more time with my family
Continue with my education
Make this blog a full time focus
Finish writing my book (more on this project later)
Being Debt Free!
Make sure household is more organized (set up a schedule for everything I do)
Become more healthy
Weight loss of 25 lbs
Enjoy Life to the fullest

Now I have to get to working on these and I am going to share this all from time to time. Gotta keep it real!
I also created a little mission statementas well for myself this year. My hubby and I will have our mission statement but this one is all mine:

"To live the most successful and secure life ever by making MYSELF and those around me happy. Enjoying life to the fullest by doing what I love and sharing that with others"!

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